Former Student of the Year John Keller

After Motorcycle Accident, Adult Student Reviews LearningRx Program and Improvements

Name: John Keller

LearningRx Center: San Antonio Northeast

Chief Concerns: memory, thinking, visual and auditory processing

Real-life Improvements: better memory, clearer thinking, faster processing speed, increased auditory and visual processing

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to John Keller, who was our 2011 Student of the Year. After his motorcycle was hit by a car, John spent more than 70 days in a coma and 344 days in the hospital for a variety of injuries, including a very serious traumatic brain injury that left him with the cognitive function of a young child. (He wasn’t wearing a helmet.) John credits LearningRx with much of his cognitive improvement. Read “Vital Connections,” the book about John’s recovery:

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