Skeptical Dad Reviews LearningRx: “Made Huge Impact”

LearningRx student Connor Hated Reading and School before one-on-one brain training

Name: Connor

LearningRx Center: Twin Cities, Minnesota

Chief Concerns: Reading struggles, fights to go to school and complete homework, poor reading comprehension

Real-life Improvements: Reading improvement, increased confidence

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Connor from Minnesota. Always preferring outside activites and household chores to homework and school, Connor and his family were arguing and simply going to school was a fight on most days. Connor’s dad was very skeptical about one-on-one brain training and thought it might just be a trend that wouldn’t work for his son. In just one month of training, however, Connor’s parents noticed big changes in his confidence and willingness to try. Connor went from the highest level of reading intervention at his school, to rejoining the mainstream classroom! Connor says reading is much easier than it was before, and his mom has noticed that his understanding and comprehension are much better than last year, as well. Connor’s teacher even asked what they had done, because she was so impressed by his changes! Great job, Connor. We are so proud of you!

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