Is Brain Training Effective for Struggling Readers? Colorado Springs LearningRx Student has Great Success

Homeschool Student was struggling with reading and memory before LearningRx Brain Training

Name: TJ P.

LearningRx Center: Colorado Springs, CO

Chief Concerns: reading, comprehension, memory, confidence

Real-life Improvements: reading is easier, was able to complete Memory Challenge with school, increased confidence

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to TJ from Colorado Springs, CO. TJ came to LearningRx when his mom noticed that his reading struggles were getting worse and tutoring wasn’t making a difference for him. TJ even told his mom he was stupid. Following one-on-one brain training, TJ was able to memorize over 500 facts and his reading has improved. TJ now has amazing confidence in himself and his mom is sure he will do great things! Way to go, TJ! We are so proud of you!

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