Teen with Autism “Blossomed” with LearningRx Brain Training | Woodbury, MN Review

After years of struggling in school, Autistic teenager finds the challenge he needed with one-on-one brain training

Name: Jayden Fryer

LearningRx Center: Woodbury, MN

Chief Concerns: not enough challenge at school causing behavioral issues, struggling to pay attention and participate in classroom activities

Real-life Improvements: Increased confidence, behavioral concerns addressed

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to national Student of the Year finalist and second runner up, Jayden Fryer from Woodbury, Minnesota. Before LearningRx, Jayden struggled in school because his teaching team didn’t know how best to help him. He wasn’t being challenged and it was causing aggressive behaviors in the classroom. He was being asked to do activities that were significantly below his ability level, but his teachers didn’t know how to challenge him well. Jayden enrolled in a LearningRx brain training program and finally experienced the challenge he needed to succeed! Check out Jayden’s video to hear more about his happy ending!

Jayden’s trainer, Sara had this to say about Jayden: “As with any student, familiarity and trust in the environment and in me was critical to Jayden’s ability to focus on training. His “No’s” meant, “I need time to think.” So, I learned to be quiet. I had to learn other ways to follow Jayden’s lead about what was happening in his incredible mind. Even though I was often tempted to skip some procedures because I just couldn’t fathom how I could explain them in terms he would understand, I knew it wasn’t my choice to skip anything. It wouldn’t be fair to underestimate Jayden. I just needed to be creative. It became an adventure to see what explanation would suddenly flood Jayden’s brain with understanding. It was also enormously rewarding to keep searching for a way to help him understand, because his joy of learning was so exuberant. With greater understanding of procedures came greater confidence. If Jayden made a mistake, he kept practicing. Never once did Jayden complain about something being too hard. He never made excuses. He never let distractions in the room interfere with his focus. How satisfying it was to train a student who was so eager to learn!

Jayden always said what he thought, much to the amusement of trainers and students in the center. His delight was infectious. Other trainers were jealous that he was my student. We all felt a bit out of sorts if he was absent. Our energy wasn’t the quite the same. Our joy wasn’t quite as fulfilling. Other students, who had initially been a bit reserved as they tried to understand Jayden’s uniqueness, started to use some of his techniques because they were so effective. They chuckled when he muttered some things that had meaning only to him. It was just thinking out loud in a different way, we all realized. That gave voice to other students’ inner struggles. They could relax and be themselves because Jayden was himself.”

Congratulations to you, Jayden! We are so proud of you!

To learn more about how LearningRx has helped students with autism, visit https://www.learningrx.com/who-we-help/autism-spectrum/.

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