LearningRx Presidents Day Contest


For Presidents Day 2019, LearningRx is sponsoring a video contest that is going to be a ton of fun. Here’s the challenge: Have someone help you create the best video of you reciting all 45 presidents. We want videos to demonstrate divided, selected and sustained attention, plus be visually interesting – funny, silly, impressive, interesting, cute, and compelling. And on top of all that, it also needs to be correct and relatively fast!

“This is one of the first things we have students master in our brain training programs,” says LearningRx Chief Research and Recruitment Officer Tanya Mitchell. “It quickly strengthens long-term memory, attention and other cognitive skills, and it also gives a big boost of self-confidence. Many of these kids have struggled in school for years, so when they can quickly learn all the presidents they finally feel smart and confident, often for the first time ever.”

Do you have what it takes to be a Presidential Prodigy? We would love to see a video of you reciting all 45 presidents! Below you’ll find some amazing inspiration to help you get started.

Previous Presidents Day Contest Winners

Last year’s third place entry comes from Parshan who attends LearningRx in McKinney, TX. Parshan recited all 45 presidents BACKWARDS while dribbling a basketball! Check out his video here:

Second place goes to Dylann from Sugar Land, TX. Dylann has mad handstand skills and shows them off while she recites all 45 US Presidents, without losing her balance! You can see Dylann’s video here:

And finally, our first place winner for 2018 is Ben from Chattanooga, TN. Ben impressed the judges with his presidential guitar solo! In under a minute, Ben put the list of all 45 presidents to a great piece of music – complete with an awesome guitar solo at the end. Great job, Ben! We are in awe of your greatness. You can see Ben’s shredding skills here:

As a reminder, here is the compliation video from 2017, showing all some of our amazing students and their attention and memory skills:

The contest winner for 2017 was 10-year-old Sophie Wright from Chattanooga, TN! Sophie wowed the judges with her ability to recite the presidents backwards, forwards, forwards, and backwards again – all while SKIING DOWN A MOUNTAIN!! (We’d also like to give mad props to her dad for filming her without any collisions or catastrophes!) Great job, Sophie! Check out the video here:

In this video, we have 13-year-old Harleigh Strack from El Campo, TX reciting the presidents while shooting targets with her bow and arrow. She’s a crack shot! You can check out Harleigh’s video here:

Matthew McDaniel, age 15, from Atlanta, GA recites the presidents while solving a Rubiks Cube in the nick of time! Check out Matthew’s video here:

Check out this video of John Mark, reciting the presidents while jumping on a pogo stick and catching a football:

Here’s our contest winner from 2013, Tillie from Minnesota. Tillie recites the presidents while hoola hooping, making baskets, and catching return passes, all while Harlem Globetrotters theme music plays in the background:

And finally, here is Josiah who recites the presidents while hitting a baseball with incredible accuracy:

To enter the contest, upload your video to Facebook or YouTube (for YouTube videos, complete the entry form located at http://www.studentshoutouts.com/presidentsday-officialrules), and notify us. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!